My Future Whatever

So, I’m outside my boyfriend’s mothers house waiting in the car. That might seem strange, but she doesn’t like me. I know right!? I have NEVER encountered this problem. It’s completely foreign territory. I don’t think there is anything I can do about it either. So as of right now, she is my future whatever. I’m not sure if I will ever be able to see anyone besides Keith’s mom as a mother-in-law anyway. That might seem wrong but it’s how I feel.

I have been lucky in my first two marriages in the mother-in-law department. My first husband’s mother was wonderful. We were very close. I will never forget when Bradley was born. Ex-husband & I stayed with his mom for a few days after leaving the hospital because I was having trouble with nursing. His mom got up with me every two hours for days to help me nurse, as she is an RN on the mother & baby unit of the hospital. She still had to go to work. She also was the first person to get me out of the house after Bradley was born. That is just a couple of things that make her amazing to me. I could give you a list.

My current mother-in-law is just as special. She has fed me, clothed me, and at times, paid my bills. I trust her. Trust is huge with me. She has never lied to me or mislead me in any way. I wish her and I were still as close as we used to be. I really miss her. I thought our relationship would always be the same. Maybe there is still hope. Hmm… Before my husband died it was me and her keeping him alive. We made a good team, we really did. Now I have my future whatever. How depressing.


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