Haven’t Posted Recently… Sorry

So I do have a reason although not a very good one. I hurt myself and have been stuck in the bed for over a week. I won’t tell you how I hurt myself because it’s super embarassing. Just imagine the dumbest thing you could do to hurt yourself and you’re probably pretty close. It’s bad.

So I will bring you up to speed. My case manager through COPACT took me bowling last week. It was fun, we visited and he tried to get me to go to the light side. Pshhhh… The dark side is so much more interesting! For the record, I am a horrible bowler. I couldn’t tell you what my score was but it was awful I can guarantee that. If the object of the game was to get the ball into the gutter as many times as possible then I did great actually! For those of you not aware, COPACT is a program through Family & Children’s Services in Tulsa for the severely mentally ill. They are amazing. They took care of my last husband as well. The doctor, nurses, therapist and case manager come to my house & they bring me my medication. It’s privately funded by George Kaiser so it’s also not affected by the most recent mental health budget cuts.

Things are going great with my boyfriend. He takes such good care of me that I don’t know how I survived without him. He is very supportive as well and that’s important for a relationship. He really is a gift to me and I’m so grateful for him. Ok I will stop with the mushy stuff. I just had to throw that out there.


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