I just read an article about a 6 year old little girl whose mama threw her belongings out the vehicle window, after mama’s boyfriend threw the little girl out in the street. I know, that’s horrible. Someone near enough to hear mama’s man say “she’s crying like a little bitch” called the police. They were charged with child abandonment, reckless endangerment, and endangering the welfare of a child. 

When these obviously horrible people went to court on these charges, the judge ordered them released with no bail. The judge was definitely either hit very hard in the head before work, or he’s a giant fucking prick. We made him a judge, America. Pathetic. This heinous couple might be convicted if found guilty.

There are people in prison for a really long time, on drug charges. That dude, is hustling to make money, and/or using drugs to cope. That guy, gets arrested WITHOUT BAIL until he is sent to prison for sometimes, 25 to 40 years. That’s justice?! No, it’s not.

People are paid to take children in who have been abused or neglected. Foster parents are not always wonderful and sometimes, siblings are separated, and adopted out.That should never happen. Ever. Who came up with that being ok? I need to find out and write to my legislators because these children need love. All people need love. 

Have you ever met someone who grew up like the Cleavers, got wonderful grades in school, their parents were loving and supportive, they went to college, got married, had babies who in turn gave all of those same opportunities they got growing up? Are you in fact that person? If you are, congratulations and keep doing what you’re doing. 

Some disturbing facts are that 60 percent of adult Americans have had at least 1 adverse childhood experience. 25 percent have had more than 3. The people who have high aces scores, not only will have health problems and a shorter lifespan, it is more likely these adults will end up just like their caretakers and their children will have high aces scores as well. 

Fucking stop. Just stop. The secret to happiness is not money, fame, or anything of monetary or sentimental value, its LOVE. Try treating all people with love and respect. See what happens. Sure you will have the occasional person who mistakes your kindness for weakness. It’s ok to say NO with love and respect. 

I’m sick about this couple who committed this horrible act on their child, and were then released without bail. That judge needs a loving kick in his balls. With love in my heart I will give him an ice pack and a bucket to puke in afterwards. If the judge happened to be a female, then sweet Jesus, I hope that woman does not have children, and I want to punch her in the tit.

With love, of course. 

This is the world we live in and I’m ashamed of humanity, of society. 

These riots and protests right now are ridiculous as well. Before hating me, know I am not racist. I don’t care what color a person is, All lives matter. White people are also shot and sometimes killed, abused, and tortured by officers who took an oath to protect and serve. The difference between those offenses and the ones involving people of color, is that when the person is white, it’s not reported as widely and definitely doesn’t get the response it would if the person were black. The reason I bring this up is that I wonder about that 6 year old little girl, Emma, who happens to be black by the way, whose parents might spend a couple years in jail. Where is the justice in that? Emma is still here and alive. We ha a chance to break a vicious cycle which breeds the people causing all of this horrible shit! 

We need to stop putting so much money and time into bullshit and unnecessary incarceration, and focus on prevention of these children growing up under horrible circumstances. It begins a cycle with often very sad endings. 

“The secret of the world is the tie between person and event. Person makes event, and the event person.”

       — Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Conduct of Life 

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