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What Am I Supposed To Do Now?

I don't know what to do with myself. I feel my mind drifting from reality into a dark place it hasn't been to in a…

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Rant: Religion is Not a Cure for Mental Illness

I love this post so much. This writer is exactly who we all need backing us up and talking the “real talk” of mental illness. Living in the Bible belt, I am all too aware of those who honestly believe Jesus will cure mental illness. It’s completely maddening. Thank you Casey for posting this.

This Bipolar Brat

Disclaimer: I am an atheist. I’m out and loud about my atheism. However, this post isn’t about my beliefs or your beliefs. It’s about some’s ignorant beliefs when it comes to mental illness and mental health.

This rant is about a type of toxic positivity

(Check out the article, linked above)

I read a great article the other day on the subject by Natasha Tracey over at her website, Bipolar Burble. I highly suggest you read her thoughts on the subject because I relate to her attitude towards positivity BS.

So, what is toxic positivity?

Psychology Today defines toxic positivity as “the concept that keeping positive, and keeping positive only, is the right way to live your life.  It means only focusing on positive things and rejecting anything that may trigger negative emotions.”

Too much positivity turns into toxic positivity. There’s a lack of empathy towards the person struggling.


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